Alfa Pro

Pioneering technology meets visual flair. Coming from over 40 years of experience and research, Alfa Pro wood and gas fired ovens are a great solution for your business. The CompactFlame technology allows you to have a real flame in a small footprint. With no building work required for installation they are simple to add to your operation.

Technologically Driven. Thanks to Forninox technology that combines strong stainless steel and refractory tiles, the ovens are light, movable and reach working temperatures in just 30 minutes. Powered with gas, wood or in a dual fuel version, these ovens make for perfect baking results. Alfa Pro ovens are perfect for pizzerias, restaurants, bars or mobile operations that require a pizza oven in their kitchen.

Franco Pepe first used an Alfa Pro oven during the pressure of Taste of Roma. The performance and quality of the Alfa Pro oven made an impression, leading Franco to install one at his restaurant, Authentica: "I wanted to trace back to the very essence of my job just the way my father did it, the man who could look at every table in his restaurant, so the choice of a light, easy-to-install Alfa oven was pretty obvious."

Alfa Pro product range.