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HSW Series Holding Drawers

HSW Series Holding Drawers



Hot Holding Cabinet with Drawers

The Moduline range of static holding equipment is characterised by low energy consumption, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and absolute quality of the food presented. Warm offers advanced technology that works to ensure an even and stable temperature, thoroughly calibrated to be gentle on the food, thus safeguarding flavours and fragrance.

  • Operating temperature from +30°c to +120°c

  • Static heating provided by low consumption wire heating element

  • Easy to operate digital control panel

  • Ergonomic and fully built in drawer handle with magnetic closure

  • Designed for stacking

  • Adjustable legs

  • Removable GN 1/1 trays

  • Available in one, two and three drawer unit configurations

  • Multi Temperature option available offering independent temperature controls in double and triple drawer units.

Model No of Drawers Dimensions Power Tray Capacity
HSW001E Single 450x650x300mm 700W 1 GN 1/1
HSW002E Double 450x650x510mm 1000W 2 GN1/1
HSW003E Triple 450x650x720mm 1000W 3 GN 1/1
HSW011E Single 660x585x300mm 700W 1 GN 1/1
HSW012E Double 660x585x510mm 1000W 2 GN 1/1
HSW013E Triple 660x585x720mm 1000W 3 GN 1/1
HSW212E Double-multi temp 705x680x600mm 1400W 2 GN 1/1
HSW313E Triple- multi temp 705x680x820mm 2100W 3 GN 1/1